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It was 1911 when a city named Stanton first came into being. The city of Anaheim proposed creating a sewer farm on area ranch land, but farmers in the region balked and created a city to ward off Anaheim's plans.

As legend has it - although there are still some conflicting stories - the city was named after Phillip Stanton, a member of the state Assembly from 1903 to 1909 and a man who wielded considerable influence.

Ins 1924, no longer threatened by being gobbled up by Anaheim, the city returned to an unincorporated status to allow the state to build roads in the territory. The area remained unincorporated until it again became a city in 1956, prompted by a west Orange County population boom and resident's desires to preserve local control.

In recent years Stanton, now three square miles with over 32,984 residents, has experienced rapid growth in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, creating a balanced community, with a deep sense of pride in its accomplishments. The Stanton Redevelopment Agency has been extremely successful in improving the quality of life in the City through revitalization of its commercial and residential areas. Through public-private partnerships, major new developments have been attracted which promise to sustain the City for years to come

In early 1987, the city shed its longtime motto, "Crossroads to Vacationland," because it implied that tourists merely drove through Stanton to reach Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and the beaches.

Today, it's motto is "Community Pride and Forward Vision."


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