Brian Donahue City Of Stanton, CA

Brian Donahue City Of Stanton, CA

Tax and fee increases have gotten out of control for some time and in too many cases they are increased without a vote of the people. Brian Donahue has quite a record of raising taxes and fees especially in Stanton:

1992 - Council Member Donahue did not let Stanton voters vote on the utility tax from the time it was implemented until 2001. A tax withtout a vote of the people!

1994 - Donanue promoted this message during his re-election, "Yes, the 6 percent utilities tax should be rescinded. This is a major issue with me, and I believe that next year this tax should be reduced by a minimum 2 percent and within four years be completely eliminated. ". Council Member Donahue has been on the Stanton Council from 1988 to present and the utility tax since ~1993. Why hasn't Brian Donahue kept his promise?

1997 - Donahue supported the Stanton parcel tax. Stanton Residents defeated it!

2001 - Donahue supported the Stanton utility tax.

2010 - Donahue voted for an increase in Stanton's trash franchise fee without the vote of the people.

2017 - In Stanton there is also a cable TV franchise fee, SoCal Edison franchise fee, lighting and landscaping fee, protective service fee... Who knows where all these fees came from since it's difficult to keep track of them all and too many times Stanton Residents we not allowed to vote on these fees.

Brian Donahue needs to work to improve business retention. We have only 2 major grocery stores left! Shouldn't that be telling us something?

Brian Donahue needs to work to reduce unemployment. Our unemployment rate is always next to the top (when not #1) out of all OC cities. We've got to turn this around.

Brian Donahue has done nothing about crime in Stanton. Stanton is always near the top when it comes to crime rates. Stanton needs a plan for crime reduction.

Brian Donahue has done nothing to reduce unemployment. We are now #1 in unemployment of all OC cities. We've got to turn this around.

Brian Donahue has done nothing about our graffiti problem. We don't need to just remove it. We need a plan to prevent it.

Crime - Has not produced the plan showing how the city council's efforts have reduced crime in our city.

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