Rigoberto Rigo Ramirez

Rigoberto Rigo Ramirez

Rigoberto A. Ramirez - Stanton City Council

Stanton Council Member Rigoberto Ramirez was re-elected in 2018 because he was the only one on the ballot. As a Stanton Council Member Rigoberto Ramirez has worked to increase many local Stanton city taxes and fees on the residents and businesses.

Tax and fee increases have gotten out of control for some time and in too many cases they are increased without a vote of the people. Once appointed by his neighbors that live across the street from him he jumped into raising our taxes right away:

2012 - Rigoberto Ramirez

2012 - Ramirez voted to place a 50% increase on the Utility Tax on the Stanton ballot. This would have pushed the utility tax from 5% to 7.5%. This utility tax is also on cellphones.

2012 - Ramirez voted to place a 7.5% tax on Stanton's cable television on the Stanton ballot. This is in addition to the franchise fee that is already on the bill which was put on there without a vote of the people.

2014 - Council Member Rigoberto Ramirez put the Stanton Sales Tax Increase on the November 2014 Stanton ballot which passed making it the highest sales tax in Orange County.

2016 - Council Member Rigoberto Ramirez raised the fees on the local Stanton sewer tax multiple times over the past few years without a vote of the people.

2017 - In Stanton there is also a cable TV franchise fee, SoCal Edison franchise fee, lighting and landscaping fee, protective service fee... Who knows where all these fees came from since it's difficult to keep track of them all and too many times Stanton Residents we not allowed to vote on these fees.
  • Raised our fees on our local sewer tax
  • Cut funding for our safety services
  • Put the Stanton Sales Tax on our November 2014 ballot
  • Put the Utility Tax Increase on our ballot
  • We have too many closed businesses on Beach Blvd.
  • Stanton is always near the top of unemployment out of all Orange County cities and there is no plan to turn this around
  • Stanton cannot afford more Rigoberto Ramirez

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