Carol Warren City Of Stanton, CA

Stanton Council Member Carol Warren was elected 12 years ago. As a Stanton Council Member Carol Warren has worked for many years to increase a very long list of local Stanton city taxes and fees on the residents and businesses.

2008 - Carol Warren elected to office.

2012 - Warren reduced funding to our police and fire services and closed 2 of our parks

2012 - Warren voted to place a 50% increase of our Utility Tax on our Stanton ballot. This would have pushed the tax from 5% to 7.5%. Luckily Kevin Carr defeated this tax measure.

2012 - Warren voted to place a 7.5% tax on our cable television on our Stanton ballot. Kevin Carr defeated this tax measure.

2014 - Carol Warren put the Stanton Sales Tax Increase on Stanton's November 2014 Stanton ballot which passed making it the highest sales tax in the county. This increased our sales tax by 13.5%.

2016 - Carol Warren raised Stanton's fees on the local Stanton sewer tax multiple times over the past few years without a vote of the people.

2016 - Carol Warren worked to stop the rescinding of the Stanton Sales Tax.

Warren said, "I pledge to keep Stanton s quality of life my priority by ensuring the best fire and police services, citywide recreation, and maintaining Stanton s financial security with no new taxes." But, Carol Warren later tried to increase our utility tax by 50%, increased our sewer fee multiple years in a row, reduced funding to our police and fire services and closed 2 of our parks.

2017 - In Stanton there is also a cable TV franchise fee, electricity franchise fees, lighting and landscaping fee, protective service fee... Who knows where they all came from since it's difficult to keep track of them all.

Carol Warren needs to work to improve business retention. Stanton has only 2 major grocery stores left! Shouldn t that be telling us something?

Carol Warren needs to work to reduce unemployment. Our unemployment rate is always next to the top (when not #1) out of all OC cities. Stanton has got to turn this around.

We need to save Prop 13!

Carol Warren tells you she won't increase taxes but history shows us she works to increase taxes. She have voted in favor of local Stanton taxes on basic needs like clothing, tap water, electricity, gas, phones, gas for our cars, etc.

Utility Tax - Did not keep her promise of 'no new taxes'. Instead voted to place a 50% increase on our ballot in June 2012. She put another tax on our ballot in 2014 too.

Business Retention - Promised to be business friendly but in 8 years a plan has not been produced. Visual observation has shown more businesses closed on Beach Blvd. and around the city. Some highlights include the closure of Ralphs Grocery, 2 Albertsons, Sizzler, Freshia, Red Robin and what used to be major shopping centers are now almost completly vacant. This reduces our sales tax base. She has no plan to turn this around.

Unemployment - We still have one of the highest unemployment rates out of all Orange County cities and she has not created a plan to turn this around in 8 years.

Safety Services - Cut funding to our Sheriff and Fire departments leading to less sworn officers, crime supression and fire personel. Our taxes didn't go down but our safety services did. She has no plan to turn this around.

Other - Sent mailers and made phone calls to promote the utility tax increase and television programming tax. If it were up to her a family of 5 would be paying around $500 a year on the city utility tax and cell phone tax combined.

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